Monday, March 12, 2012

Grace's Farewell Dinner

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Basil Pesto
Marinated Tomato Salad

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My sister has been here visiting for the past two weeks and we decided to do something fun and extravagant and delicious for her last night here. So we planned a menu of New York strip steaks, spaghetti with basil pesto, roasted glazed asparagus, and a fresh tomato salad. I was delighted to get to the grocery store and find steak, basil, asparagus, and tomatoes all on sale!

The tomato salad I made with vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh sliced garlic, fresh basil and parsley, extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, and salt and pepper. In my opinion it made the meal. It was a perfect, refreshing complement to the richer, hot food.

I made a raspberry balsamic reduction sauce to serve over the asparagus. Lots of balsamic vinegar, a little cabernet sauvignon, fresh raspberries all smashed up, a little sugar, and a little pepper. Boiled it till it was thick and syrupy and then strained it.

And of course the ONLY way to do asparagus is to coat it in evoo, sea salt, and pepper and roast it! Be still my beating heart.

The steaks were blah. I know the technique to making a perfect pan-fried steak, but I'm always afraid I'm under cooking it so I always over cook it. :( They tasted good, but were too tough.

Grace made our traditional basil pesto recipe. Fresh basil, parsley, garlic, and lemon juice, grated parmesan cheese, extra light olive oil, and black pepper. Amazingness defined.

Served with a glass of Jacob's Creek Moscato, outside on a gorgeous Arizona spring evening.
One meal I was very proud of. :)

And then I went inside to this. Needless to say it'll have to wait till morning.

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  1. mmmm. that all looks sooo good.
    first time i looked at your blog, i'm going to add it to my list :)