Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Words of Wisdom

I've decided to institute something new on this blog. Every Wednesday (that is, if I can follow through, which anyone who knows me can tell you I am notoriously bad at [does the "do not end a sentence with a preposition" rule apply in parentheses?]) ... where were we? Oh yes, in order to generate a little more interest in my young and struggling blog, or perhaps just to make sure the rare genius ideas I get are written down so as not to be forever lost in the deep dark recesses of my tangled brain, I'm going to start posting some tip for more efficient cooking or kitchen organization or whatever I've found useful that week each Wednesday. Put them to use in your own kitchen, or not, as you see fit, and feel free to let me know whether you think I'm brilliant or a total nutcase.

So today's tip is as follows:

Buy a large package of fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts when they're on sale. Pound them all out to a uniform thickness, season both sides with a little salt and pepper, and broil. Once they're cooled completely (so you don't lose all the juices) cut them into 1/4 inch strips, put in a large ziplock freezer bag and freeze. Now you have chicken for salad toppings, wraps, a quick protein fix, or whatever you want at a moment's notice. Just pull out a handful and zap it in the microwave.

It's my new favorite thing to do.

In other news, I am currently working on perfecting salmon burgers so I can put the recipe up on the blog. Obviously I can't serve my housemate salmon burgers every night, but I'm so hung up on getting them just right that everything I make in between is boring everyday stuff that would be an insult to y'all's intelligence to post here. Hence the lack of posts. (Disclaimer: I guarantee you these lulls will happen again, but I suppose I can't use salmon burgers as an excuse every time...) Anyway, once I get my salmon burgers to be moist and flaky instead of dry and dense I'll let you know.

In other not-so-exciting news, the reason this post is time stamped at such an outrageous hour is that I am currently battling a case of temporary insomnia due to an effort to transform myself from a night owl into a morning person. (I'm not at all hopeful that I'll be successful; who am I kidding anyway? I never claimed to have magical powers.) I am therefore lying in bed writing all this out on my wicked awesome new iPhone, because once my brain gets an idea stuck in its tangles it certainly can't sleep until I've got it all combed out. This also explains the probable incoherency of this whole post, so I apologize if I've put you to sleep (lucky you!).

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