Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Original Skyline Chili

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Cincinnati Chili

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Have you ever been to Cincinnati? I hadn't until after 20 years of eating my mom's homemade Cincinnati Chili. She got the recipe from a newspaper clipping that her native Ohioan friend found in the '70s. It was one of my all-time favorite meals growing up; the distinctive smell filling the house as it simmered on the stove would send me into ecstasies. Then I went to an actual Skyline Chili restaurant on the actual Ohio river, and it tasted exactly like Mom's. There are lots of recipes out there claiming to be Cincinnati Chili, and Skyline claims the original recipe is a well-kept family secret. But people? I'm pretty sure this is the real deal.

This is the same recipe my mom's used for years, with two minor alterations. There's more meat, because why not? And the cooking process is slightly reordered to achieve the most flavor possible from all the different ingredients (e.g. cooking the spices with the browned meat instead of adding them after the liquid). Here's the drill.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Zesty Asparagus Salad

I might give up on the whole step-by-step photo thing. At least most of the time. Because most of the time the best things I make are things I think up on the spot, like this asparagus salad. So if I keep limiting myself to posting things with step-by-step photos I'm going to keep blogging infrequently. Plus, there are some things I make that are just so simple there's no point to step-by-step photos. Like this asparagus salad, which I served alongside seared chicken breast and fresh-made croutons. It was a light, delicious, and refreshing meal. And pretty!

Here's the recipe: